Clearly Legal

The approved alternative to CLE. 

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CLEarly Legal provides engaging CLE content in podcast format, with many of our courses available in 15-minute increments, and handles reporting of your hours automatically. 

Simply create an account and start listening. We will handle the rest.

All of our courses can be accessed from any device, and users can switch from one device to another during a course without missing a beat. 

Completion of a course is confirmed with the touch of a button, and CLE hours or partial hours are reported in real time. Users receive certificates of completion by email and are able to monitor compliance here.

You have completed ____ hours of the required 15 for the _________ reporting year.

You have completed the following CLEarly Courses:


Out with the Old

CLEarly legal offers an alternative to dank conference rooms or staring at your computer screen.

Make it Fun

CLEarly Legal offers timely, topical and interesting courses you actually want to take.

On your Time

CLEarly Legal allows you to get your hours where you want: the coffee shop, in the car to/from work, on the treadmill, or wherever you are.

Annual subscriptions are available for $225, which includes unlimited access to our library and automatic reporting of 15 CLE hours. A la carte courses are available for $30 per hour which also includes automatic reporting.